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Map your customer journey to unlock engagement opportunities

Dec 14, 2021

As the attention span of your audiences continues to stretch thinner and thinner, identifying the best time, place and channel to reach them is integral to the success of a publisher’s content. 

More than 75% of the users uninstall their app on the first day. One of the features that DigitalReef users can implement to avoid this is what we call Customer Journey

The aha moment

Your users abandon your app because they don’t get to immediately realize the value it can add. They never get a chance to reach the “Aha Moment.” We’ve made Customer Journey as a user-friendly tool to help app publishers easily map the user journey in their app, discover bottlenecks and send sequences of messages for each step of the journey.

Almost all of the money spent on marketing is wasted if the user does not understand the value of the content you are putting in front of them. You spend a lot of money to get people to find, download and use your app — make it count. 

In order to get your users to their aha moment, you need to ensure that the product and marketing teams are working together to put a platform in place that helps guide users through the journey to that moment. 

Customer Journey from DigitalReef is the map that you can use along that journey. And so far, it’s working. 

Earlier this year, a major ecommerce company used Customer Journey to increase the number of users making a first purchase in their app by 30%. This meant a significant jump in month over month revenue and continued retention. But how do you do it? 

Guiding your customers’ journeys

DigitalReef Customer Journey enables you to engage with your customers at the right time with the right messaging using the right method. Customer Journey is a user-friendly tool that helps app publishers to easily map the user journey in their app, discover bottlenecks and send sequences of messages for each step of the journey. It also provides a robust toolset that allows developers to analyze and profile customer activity within an application which can then trigger a specific marketing or advertising message both in-app or on device.  

Creating a visualization of the current messaging map enables you to track what is happening inside the app and also see where in the journey your users are leaving you. 

Creating a strategy of how to better engage users is where the real power comes from. By utilizing the available tools to analyze metrics such as retention, message dismissal and response rates, you can get a clear picture of how an individual user wants to engage with your brand and app.

For the ecommerce company we discussed earlier, they were able to map in-app events to understand which step of the journey each user is on so that it could send a sequence of highly relevant messages. This resulted in a 3x increase in click through rate. But what you tell your user is just as important as when or how you tell them. 

Having a consistent and clear tone of voice can foster a better connection with your users. But, if you’re not getting user attention, shifting the language of a message to be more direct or bold can also yield results. 

Building the optimal journey

Once you have the ability to see the journey, you need to make sure your messages are effective. Here’s an example of a notification path:

Having a full journey enables you to guide a new user through the process of getting to the point of realizing the true value of your app. The sooner you get the user to understand the value, the greater the chance of them continuing with the app. 

But sometimes you will need the customer to trust you a little and give you extra information or data and that is why building trust at the front is so crucial. This means building the journey with the intention of creating a genuine relationship with your user. If that means making a decision to anonymize certain data points you collect, then so be it. That can be a worthwhile tradeoff for the lifetime value of a customer. 

By having a clear line of sight into your customer journey and the interactions they have with your brand and app, you can retain more users, drive more revenue and improve your relationship with your audience. And that’s never a bad thing.