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Three pitfalls to avoid in your 2023 marketing plans

Feb 27, 2023

As you look through your 2023 marketing and outbound communications strategies and associated tactics, there’s a few things we want to make sure you have in mind. 

While marketers are constantly looking ahead at innovations such as the use of AI technologies for content needs or other process automations, several core competencies seem to routinely be left behind for the sake of “trying something new.” Here we list three common marketing pitfalls you should avoid to ensure you have a focused plan to drive your success forward. 

Vague audiences

Have you set clear definitions around your top core audiences yet? Which specific kind of customer are you targeting? Not personalizing your campaigns or delivering context-based content to narrowly defined user groups can result in poor performance and even negative campaigns. 

One of DigitalReef’s core competencies is creating actionable, precisely defined audiences that advertisers, publishers and carriers can use to proactively deliver engaging content in the proper context. Customizing campaigns makes your communication not only more meaningful by delivering the right message to the right audience, but also can improve conversion rates and drive greater retention of your target audiences.

By using custom audience profiles or AI-based audience clusters created from first-party data across the full DigitalReef network your advertising campaigns can deliver the best possible results.


Inability to reallocate budget

Having the ability to be dynamic and reactive to emerging technologies or ad hoc opportunities can be challenging. 

It goes without saying that as the mobile advertising industry evolves, carriers, publishers and all advertisers must stay on top of the latest technology and trends in order to remain competitive. But oftentimes, significant commitment to a new channel, campaign or opportunity is delayed by budgeting, approvals or other processes. This includes the challenges of being nimble in the face of emerging opportunities or even reacting to campaigns not performing as expected. Consider the continued growth of Connected TV (CTV). The ever-growing presence of streaming media, free or ad supported television and other CTV platforms means that your brand should explore that channel, always with that dynamic nature in mind.

When you consider an incubator approach, which allocates resources to the unknown, your team can develop new ideas and support emerging opportunities while maintaining your commitment to the ongoing tactics that have been a successful part of your strategy. 


Silence on a channel 

You choose your advertising channels based on the access to key audiences or personas in addition to your company’s ability to create effective content and deliver value on those channels. But audience behavior is not always predictable. 

A big risk is ignoring the movement of a person between their devices. From the personal computer to the tablet to the mobile phone all while having content on their Connected Television, a user interacts with multiple devices throughout the day (oftentimes simultaneously). This makes it difficult to effectively reach a targeted audience. But, if you are not creating content that can transcend the device, you are negatively impacting your marketing campaign. 

DigitalReef enables consistency across devices and channels through its audience targeting functionality, dynamic ad formats and robust inventory options. Having a bad channel presence can have lasting impacts on your advertising strategy and creating an effective cross-channel strategy is a core component of pushing your brand forward. 



DigitalReef is poised to help overcome some of the most common missing elements in marketing plans. Whether it’s supporting an investment into the ever-growing CTV and Mobile spaces, helping you to dynamically make the most of your marketing investments, or assisting with the refinement of an audience segmentation, the DigitalReef ecosystem is a powerful partner to bring your full marketing program to life.